Green energy




The Green Accelerator program

An accelerator for startup companies within clean energy, energy efficiency, environment, smart cities, smart grid and other sustainable technologies.

  • A 3-month intensive program that helps to accelerate the growth of your company
  • Techmakers gives innovative startup companies a unique access to the industry, to investors and to business development competence
  • Close follow up from skilled mentors with industry and entrepreneurial experience

Get a mentor

Work with world class mentors to create the best strategies, the best product and connect with the right people.

Find customers

Finding potential customers that want to pay for your product is the your number one priority. That also makes it our number one priority!

Business Development Guidance

Techmachers will provide you with assistance from people with business development competance throughout the program.

Build relevant network

Use our network to hire your next star employee, to sell your product, to raise funding or to find partners for your business.

Meet other entrepreneurs

Meet other entrepreneurs that are also in Techmakers to discuss topics under the guidance of experienced professionals, or have a beer together at our monthly Techmakers dinner.

Focus on your product

Create a Technology qualification plan, see how you fit into the eco systems. Talk to customers and partners.



” We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change
and the last generation who can do something about it. “

– President Obama



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